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Barbatruco Producciones

Barbatruco Producciones born after the birth of the mitical underground band Capital Umano from Chile in the year 2003 with the need of editing their own stuff that obviously no one does.. After the dissolution of Capital Umano in 2007 Barbatruco start to be involved with other members of the scene between them L-Umano ex member of Capital Umano,Asociacion de Muertos,other members from the Templo Sagital collective ( and more recently Cinturon Negro,Unierahor(from, Nigaspitabdu (Thanatoloop+Mc abdullah),Invitados Especiales (El hombre que rie+L-umano),Mc abdullah among others to come.. Besides we made videos and visuals for almost everybody involved in the label,plus we are working with Oftanova Multimedia for releasing all Capital Umano stuff unreleased.We have a collaboration with the new born label Daidalos Records(,soon there's a dvd release with the live performances of Thanatoloop,L-Umano among others..) thanks for reading The mail for contact our Facebook page is


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instrumentals 1
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third volume of Sample Guess Mixmix of original samples sampled by some famous and not so famous producersfunk-soul and othersenjoymixed by Cinturon Negro
( 1 reviews )
Topics: original samples, funk, mixtape, soul, cinturon negro, chile
Gil Scott Heron 1949-2011
( 1 reviews )
Topics: gil scott-heron, cinturon negro, mixtape, 2011, r.i.p.
Barbatruco Producciones
recordings made in 2007-2008-2009 edited 2012 artwork by Barbatruco Producciones find us here encuentranos aqui
( 1 reviews )
Topics: Barbatruco Producciones, rap, hip hop, experimental, Chile, 2012,experimental hip...
una coleccion de temas originales sampliados por artistas del hip hop a ver quien puede adivinar.... a collection of original samples,chosen by some producers and hip hop artist lets take a "GUESS" and skills to recognized'em collection picked by Cinturon Negro
( 1 reviews )
Topics: original samples, hip hop samples, funk, soul, beat, beats, chile
a spontaneous "composition" haha just listen first ep 2011 artwork by Barbatruco Producciones "Mixing other people's music may be bad for your health" Genesis (2:20)
( 1 reviews )
Topics: cinturon negro, sample, rap, ethnic, mix, 2011, chile, santiago, quinta region, barbatruco...
Barbatruco Producciones
early recordings from 2007-2008-2009 edited in 2012
( 1 reviews )
Topics: cinturon negro, hip hop, experimental, chile, 2012, santiago, kung fu, barbatruco producciones
Barbatruco Producciones
recorded between 2008-2009-2010 edited in 2012 grabado entre 2008-2009-2010 editado en 2012 artwork by Barbatruco Producciones
( 1 reviews )
Topics: cinturon negro, hip hop, instrumentals, 2012, chile, experimental, death, ray, underground shit
( 1 reviews )
Topics: mixtape, sample, original samples, cinturon negro, chile, 2012
recorded live in 2009 during a clothing parade,kinda mixtape in real time with audience recorded in Casa Elefante n6
( 1 reviews )
Topics: cinturon negro, hip hop, experimental, mixtape, chile, real time
Barbatruco Producciones
Este documento relata la experiencia de su ejecutor y su encuentro "casual" con seres vivos, cachorros que fueron abandonados a su suerte en un sector de la quinta region cercano a cartagena, lugar donde al parecer, el desapego y la falta de preocupacion es pan de cada dia. Tal panorama hizo presenciar al ejecutor la muerte lenta de cada una de ellas, demostrando la latiente y firme creencia del animal umano, hermano mayor bastardo de las otras razas, los cachorros. Aunque más...
( 1 reviews )
Topics: chile, san sebastian, dogs, orphans, 2006,noise,death to all humans,lido pimienta
first mixtape of Cinturon Negro mixing the best of the beast of Terciopelo de Esquizofrenia,Davison Chaco,Mista Sofos,Magne Solar Mapache and yours trully of course recorded 2010 edited 2011 mixed and remixed by Cinturon Negro artwork by Barbatruco Producciones
( 1 reviews )
Topics: cinturon negro, rap, hip hop, terciopelo de esquizofrenia, davison chaco, mista sofos, magne solar...
Capital Umano Babies videofucked up versionmade by Barbatruco Producciones
Topics: Noise, Glitch, Capital Umano, Chile, Experimental Music, Barbatruco Producciones, Electronic, Video
4th volume of Bea(s)t Series now covering the music of 9Th Wondermixed by Cinturon Negro
Topics: Hip Hop, Instrumentals, Boom Bap, Hip Hop Instrumentals, Cinturon Negro, Barbatruco Producciones
L-umano and The Man who Laughs in a special edition of good time and impotence jokes recorded 2009 artwork by Barbatruco Producciones
( 1 reviews )
Topics: invitados especiales, l-umano, collage, 2009, chile, underground, sample, tribal, sex
Fifth Volume of Bea(s)t Series now presenting Kankickmixed by Cinturon Negro
( 1 reviews )
Topics: Hip Hop,Kankick,Mixtape,Underground Hip Hop,Los Angeles,Chile,Cinturon Negro,Barbatruco...
first ep by the dinamic duo jaja recorded between 2009-2010 edited (finally!)2011 artwork by Le Muztarda(front cover) and Zeh Palito(back cover) re-arranged by Barbatruco Producciones
( 1 reviews )
Topics: rap, cinturon negro, mista sofos, quilicura, chile, hip hop, experimental, sample, electronic
Mixtape in a boring time and place for everything various artist included from very know to unknown enjoy!
( 1 reviews )
Topics: cinturon negro, dreku, rimar, madlib, stupeflip, funky dl, rap, hip hop, mixtape, 2012
live recording of Un Festin Sagital 2008 this is a co-production Sagital-Barbatruco artwork by Barbatruco Producciones
Topics: un festin sagital, thanatoloop, noise, electronics, progressive, folk, chile, experimental,...
second (backwards) recording of Capital Umano recorded 2007 edited 2011 this is a Barbanova Production
( 1 reviews )
Topics: barbanova, barbatruco, oftanova, capital umano, ambient, experimental, chile, pelao, santiago,...
Live Recording From Templo Sagital Recorded 2007 Mc Abdullah Tenor Saxophone Toy Turntable Thanatoloop Percussions and effects manipulation plus some voices A.D.L. Mac artwork by Hector Llanquin
( 1 reviews )
Topics: noise, improv, live, templo sagital, mc abdullah, thanatoloop, adl
first live recording of Mc Abdullah from 2006 disco en vivo del 2006 con invitados especiales de Un Festin Sagital Neurotransmisor y Dreku y Kiko live recording of Mc Abdullah with Un Festin Sagital member guests plus Neurotransmisor drum guy,and Dreku (recorded on Bar Uno Santiago Chile 2006) Mc Abdullah-tenor saxophone,turntables and musical background Dreku-live electronics and subliminal voices Lete-Michel-Fernando-Delon-Sebastian-various percussions Barbatruco records artwork by Barbatruco...
( 1 reviews )
Topic: experimental,chile,capital umano,dreku,un festin sagital,neurotransmisor,2006,underground,noise
recorded in San Sebastian Chile year 2005
Topics: ambient, noise, drone, electronic
Volume 5 of Sample Guess saga(not the stutter guy)
Topics: Mixtape, Funk, Soul, Original Samples, Blues, Crates
first session of Cinturon Negro and Unierahor artwork by
( 1 reviews )
Topics: ahorcarte, barbatruco producciones, cinturon negro, chile, improv, ambient, experimental
Mixtape for MCA/Beastie Boysgo!
Topics: Hip Hop, Beastie Boys, Mixtape, Cinturon Negro, Chile, MCA, Golden Era, Rap
Barbatruco Producciones
Hello MadlibHello Peanut Butter Wolf
Topics: Sample,Instrumentals,Beats,Chile,, Madlib, Peanut Butter Wolf, Beats
first volume of Cinturon Negro mixtape of Bea(s)t masters this time mixing Mono/Poly Paramatma lp enjoy artwork by Barbatruco Producciones
( 1 reviews )
Topics: mono/poly, paramatma, 2011, 2010, chile, mixtape, cinturon negro, wonky, dubstep
youtube people is Mc Abdullah and A.D.L. RECORDED 2007 EDITED 2011 ENJOY Mc Abdullah:tenor saxophone,old software,samples A.D.L.:mac,guitar,drums,new software artwork by Barbatruco Producciones
( 1 reviews )
Topics: noise, improvisation, chile, 2011, 2007, mc abdullah
remix version of "Algun dia tenia que suceder" ep by Cinturon Negro and Mista Sofos ,made by norwegian rapper/beatmaker Patl Hidden Phase released 08 May 2013 Remixes by Patl Hidden Phase and Ho-Z (2-Porque no te callas) extra beats by Cinturon Negro edited completed and constructed by Cinturon Negro
( 1 reviews )
Topics: hip hop, abstract hip hop, electronic, remix, Chile, Norway, Patl Hidden Phase, Ho-Z, Cinturon Negro
GET A REAL JOB some sort of a version here free download! una version de este video esta aqui descarga gratuita! don't forget,check us here siguenos acá
Topics: Collage, Cinturon Negro, Rockers, Reggae, Japanese Porn, Earthquake, Terremoto, The Last Dragon,...
Bagre beatmaker desde la ciudad de Talca nos trae su debut bajo nuestro netlabel, grabados entre 2008 y 2013,descarga gratuita! Bagre is a beatmaker from the city of Talca(Chile)who delivers his debut under the wing of our netlabel,recorded between 2008-2013,free download! caratula por Cosmonono Bagre agradece a:las criaturas del piduco,a piducan technologies por dejarme trabajar en sus instalaciones artwork by Cosmonono Bagre...
Topics: Beats, Beatmakers, Hip Hop, Experimental Hip Hop, Chile, Talca, Barbatruco Producciones
Barbatruco Producciones
recording of the ex members of Capital Umano recorded on 2011 Santiago Chile
Topics: ambient, capital umano, 2011, negro, taza, tacita, chile, south america, sun ra
grabacion hecha en curico en el patio de lete junto a los conejos y la piscina enfriadora recorded in Curico Chile between Daz Tronenburg(electric guitar,percussion,and rabbit sounds)and Mc Abdullah(tenor saxophone,some percussion,violin and edition) summer 2008 artwork by Daz Tronenburg and "remixed" by Barbatruco Producciones
Topics: improvisation, acustic, chile, curico, templo sagital, daz tronenburg, mc abdullah, 2008
Barbatruco Producciones
Segundo Volumen de Ketsugou,en esta ocasion presentamos a Deloise,beatmaker de la region de Galicia (España) y nuestro amigo Polar desde Punta Arenas (Chile),tambien miembro de Lluvia Acidadisfrute!Our second volume of splits called Ketsugou we bring Deloise beatmaker from the region of Galicia(Spain),and Polar from Punta Arenas(Chile),also a member of Lluvia Acida enjoy! by Abisäl D3siGn
Topics: Polar, Barbatruco Producciones, Deloise, Spain, España, Galicia, Beats, Future Beats, Chile, Punta...
second version of Bea(s)t series mixed by Cinturon Negro in this volume Jneiro Jarel-DrWhoDat-Capital Peoples etc enjoy
Topics: barbatruco producciones, jneiro jarel, hip hop, space, chile, cinturon negro, 2012
Barbatruco Producciones
by Barbanova
first single of their last work together of the obscure cult band Capital UmANO from Chile with love with remixes by DREKU and Cinturon Negro 2010 this is a Barbanova Production artwork by Oftanova
( 1 reviews )
Topics: capital umano, chile, electro, happy, rap, cinturon negro, dreku, babies, ladies, beaches,...
third release of Bea(s)t Series now covering Polar,chilean musician from Punta Arenas,one of the most austral cities in the world,he's also member of LLuvia Acida,prominent electronic band mixed by Cinturon Negroartwork by Barbatruco Producciones
( 1 reviews )
Topics: hip hop, abstract, electronic, experimental, chile, Lluvia acida, Punta Arenas
second recording of Cinturon Negro with Unierahor recorded 2010 edited and released 2011 artwork by
( 1 reviews )
Topics: ahorcarte, barbatruco producciones, cinturon negro, chile, improv, ambient, experimental
second record from Invitados Especiales recorded between 2010-2011 arranged mixed and constructed by L-Umano artwork by Barbatruco Producciones Invitados Especiales was L-Umano and El Hombre Que Rie find us in facebook here
( 1 reviews )
Topics: electronic, experimental, drone, instrumental, chile, weird, ambient
last show made by Capital Umano recorded in 2007 in Taller Sol Santiago Chile
Topics: capital umano, pelao, kadima, porn, 2007, live, noise, hip hop, improv
Pelao's Blackmaster Choice Mixtape
Topics: Capital Umano, Chile, Mixtape, Experimental, Busta Rhymes, Wutang Clan
Detalles Chinos taken from "Una Situacion mas sin Solucion"download link Chinos extraido de Una Situacion Mas sin Solucion por Cinturon Negrolinks de...
Topics: Video, Topo Gigio, Commodore 64, Vintage, Old computer, Old School, Atari, Barbatruco Producciones,...
just another hint...we are here if you looking for us
Topics: Samples, Industrial, Breaks, Funk, Soul, Rare, Crates, Cinturon Negro, Mixtape, Chile,...
ep by these two renegades enjoy!
Topics: Electronics, Experimental Electronics, Beats, Chile, Punta Arenas, Experimental Beats
domingos inusuales y domingos especialestu elige
Topics: Mixtape, Jazz, Soul, Hip Hop, Electronic, Cinturon Negro, Electro Acoustic
April's Mix 
Topics: Jazz, Hip Hop, Rap, Electronics, Soul, Mixtape
Barbatruco Producciones
first volume of split series by Barbatruco Producciones,in this volume Bagre meets Cinturon Negro,Bagre from Talca(Chile) and Cinturon Negro from Chile/Italy (everywhere,jaja)enjoy
Topics: Beats, Hip Hop Beats, Experimental Beats, Chile, Talca, Barbatruco Producciones
6th Volume of Bea(s)t Series in this occasion Dj Spooky is the honoredmixed by Cinturon Negro
Topics: Electronic, Hip Hop, Dj Spooky, Illbient, Cinturon Negro, Mixtape, Chile, Barbatruco Producciones
first recording of L-umano after the break of Capital Umano recorded on 2007 this is a reissue of 2011 artwork by Barbatruco Producciones
Topics: capital umano, chile, noise, sample, buddy richard, invierno, 2007,experimental,real time
Barbatruco Producciones
a new year eve record by Thanatoloop & Mc Abdullah year 2007 Thanatoloop voice,distorted radio static and stupid flutes Mc Abdullah samples beats quicks and porno supply plus editing enjoy artwork by Barbatruco Producciones
Topics: thanatoloop, improv, folk, chile, santiago, 2007, mc abdullah, capital umano, barbatruco...
a little bit of nature a little bit of mixing and such
Topics: Mixtape, Cinturon Negro, Chile, Ambient, Jazz, Rare
Barbatruco Producciones
recorded aprox in 2009 by three Anonymous babies underground beauties edited,constructed and finished by Barbatruco Producciones Santiago,Chile grabado aproximadamente en 2009 por 3 bebés anónimos bellacos del underground editado,construido y terminado por Barbatruco Producciones Santiago,Chile
Topics: electronic, experimental electronic, experimental music, Chile, Santiago, Barbatruco Producciones
new hint! find us here or here
Topics: Mixtape, Beats, Funk, Soul, Rock, Chile, Cinturon Negro
so so I dont know
Topic: Mixtape
First Compilation by Barbatruco Producciones,with some of our friends and co-workers mixed with inedit songs and experiment from our very own core of people all reunited in a festival of unique sounds and textures enjoy! artwork by Amiguita Diaz all the credits to each artist who contributed with their songs thanks to Bagre,my penguin friend Polar,Thomas Jerome,Cesar,Murci and Amiguita Diaz to show me the way of the future with the oracle word.. to...
Topics: Noise, Chile, Experimental Music, Polar, Bagre, Ambient, Barbatruco Producciones, Andinia, Linus,...
L-Umano es una de las tantas caras por las que se conoce el prolífico proyecto “personal-colectivo” de Barbatruco Producciones, la mayor parte de su trabajo la hizo en paralelo a la banda que pertenecía: "Capital Umano", cuando éstos se disolvieron, siguió trabajando hasta que ésta personalidad evolucionó a nuevos nombres y formas sonoras. Ahora llega en una producción en conjunto, éste “Complete Collected Work”, con experimentos realizados entre el 2006 y el 2010,...
Topics: Barbatruco Producciones, Daidalos Records, Fdo016, Noise, Ambient, Collage, Avant Garde,...
Barbatruco Producciones
improvised session by our own Bagre check can find us here...
Topics: Bagre, Beats, Talca, Chile, Experimental Beats, Electronic, Improvisation, Electronica, Barbatruco...
4 volume of original samples mixed by Cinturon Negro
Topics: Original Samples, Soul, Funk, Mixtape, Cinturon Negro, Crates
No hay plazo que no se cumpla, ni deuda que no se pague, y con éste post se matan dos pájaros de un tiro: Stolltamina es el 1er larga duración del dúo Ragazzi D'inverno, que le sigue la corriente a su EP debut "Iaio Wheelchair Army" editado hace varios meses ya. Extrañas líneas de bajo, sampledelia, voces y raros conceptos son el hilo conductor de éste trabajo difícil de categorizar dentro de una línea musical, pues los ritmos y la música electrónica se mantienen bajo una...
Topics: Industrial, Noise, Experimental, Analog, Vinyl, Daidalos Records, Barbatruco Producciones, Fdo016,...
true masters know they are not true masters ever
Topics: Mixtape, Funk, Soul, Crates, Hip Hop, Old School, Cinturon Negro, Barbatruco Producciones
Barbatruco Producciones
new ep by Bagre,only here on Barbatruco Produccionesrecorded 2014dig it!
Topics: Bagre, Beats, Experimental Beats, Electronic, Abstract Beats, Hip Hop, Chile, Talca, Piduco Family
Guess what!stop right there!
Topics: Samples, Original Samples, Mixtape, Cinturon Negro, Chile, Barbatruco Producciones, Funk, Electronic
just a couple of hints...
Topics: Samples, Original Samples, Funk, Hip Hop, Disco, Crates, Videogames